Introduction to GP Fair

GP Fair is a Social Enterprise aimed at finding work for GP’s in the Birmingham area, without charging exorbitant fees. When a GP joins the scheme they are a Participating GP and when a GP Practice joins they are a Member Practice. Neither side is under any obligation and can leave at any time, except that a GP must complete booked work.

Joining the Scheme

To join the scheme, simply get in touch and we will send you our application form. Whilst the signature of at least one practice partner is normally required for this, if a participating doctor is urgently required, consent can be obtained over the phone with a signed form posted or emailed at a later date. Below is a schedule of fees:

  • Joining Fee: £140
  • Annual Subscription: £80
  • Total cost of joining is therefore £220

After joining the scheme, the fee for each introduction to a GP is £60.

Working with GPs and Payment

Once hired, it is up to the Practice and the Participating GP whether they wish to work together again. It is therefore advisable to book ahead as the best GP’s will be hired quickly.

It is also up to the Practice and hired GP what their payment will be. GP Fair recommends the payscale below:

  • Newly qualified GP (less than 200 hours of experience post-qualification): £60 an hour plus 14% pension contributions = £68.40 per hour.
  • Experienced GP (200 hours or more post-qualification experience): £65 per hour plus 14% pension contributions = £74.10 per hour.

This compares with the current typical agency fees of £80 – 85 an hour, of which the doctor receives £70.

Participating GP’s will:

  • Be qualified GP’s
  • Be on the NHS England Performers’ List
  • Have no restrictions on their license to practise
  • Be up to date with their Medical Liability Insurance
  • Be CRB checked
  • Have their CPR and Safeguarding Training
Become a Member Practice


Example 1

Dr. Mahatma Gandhi of Sutton Coldfield joins GP Fair. He selects a Dr. Elizabeth Dashwood to do Monday afternoons for him which he then spends with his Registrar. He is impressed with Dr. Dashwood and engages her for some extra sessions in Christmas week. As he did this in October he deems that he has saved himself £60 by not having to book through GP Fair. He offers £30 of this to Dr. Dashwood as a bonus, and she puts this towards her Christmas shopping.

Example 2

Dr. Genghis Khan of Erdington joins GP Fair and selects 5 or 6 participating GP’s to do extra surgeries at his practice which has a large and growing list size.

Dr. Khan then leaves the scheme and decides to offer all his locums £60 an hour and omits to pay any pension contributions. However, the locums remain members of the Scheme and, dissatisfied with the pay and conditions at Dr Khan’s practice, gradually leave and find work elsewhere. GP Fair soon finds out about Dr. Khan’s unfair conditions and refuses to let him rejoin.

Become a Member Practice


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